Disciplinary Action & Review

In Sorting, as with any sport, there will occasionally be disagreements, issues and unfortunately, at times, dishonesty among contestants. As the sanctioning body, the NSCHA takes rule violations seriously. If you have witnessed what you believe to be a rule infraction at any NSCHA Sanctioned show, you do have recourse through the NSCHA's Formal Complaint procedure. 

To initiate a complaint, please write a detailed description of the problem, and include as many facts as possible. If you have witnesses to the event, please include their names and phone numbers. Have your letter notarized and send it certified mail, along with a check for the $50 investigation fee, to the NSCHA, PO Box 1028, Farmington, MO., 63623.

Once we receive your complaint we will begin an investigation process, which includes contacting all people named in your complaint, and gathering a statement from any other individuals involved. When we have completed our investigation, the NSCHA Board of Directors will review all materials and come to a consensus. If your complaint is upheld, we will return your $50. Overturned complaints forfeit the $50 fee. The result of all complaints will be posted on the NSCHA website.

If you have any quesitons, please contact the NSCHA office at 866-656-0440.

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Questions or Comments

If you have a question or comment about the NSCHA, please contact us using our online form or give us a call by phone at (866) 656-0440.  We're here to help!