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RIDER EARNINGS - updated 4/23/2015

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HORSE EARNINGS - updated 4/23/2015

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Starting with the 2014 World Show all registered horses MUST have a copy of all of  their registration papers on file with the NSCHA office. this will enable a more accurate recording of horses earnings. A horse does not need to be registered to participate in NSCHA events however we will have a non-registered form for those of our equine partners that are not registered. 

If your horse is also registered with the International Buckskin Horse Association (IBHA) those papers also need to be on file. IBHA has a affiliation with NSCHA and IBHA registered horses receive 1 point for every $250 earned at our events.

What are Eligible Earnings? Eligible Earnings are earnings from any class except limited age events such as futurities. 

What should you do if you see an error in the posted earnings? Please send an email pointing out the error to info@nscha.com. Please be sure to include your contact information in case there are any questions





June 20th - 11am Start - Gaston 7 Cross Ranch Summer Series - Caledonia,MO

June 27th - 11am Start - Circle C Production - Pleasant Plains AR

July 18th - 11am Start - Gaston 7 Cross Ranch Summer Series - Caledonia,MO

Aug 15th - 11am Start - Gaston 7 Cross Ranch Summer Series - Caledonia,MO


Oct 24th - 11am Start - Midwest Regional Show - Gaston 7 Cross Ranch -Caledonia,MO

Oct 25th - 10am Start - Midwest Regional Show - Gaston 7 Cross Ranch - Caledonia,MO

Are you interested in promoting a NSCHA sanctioned show in 2015? Send an email to bshaw@nscha.com and we will get you a promters package?